Become a Volunteer

Occasionally, HFF sponsors events where volunteers are needed. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact the Foundation office at 208-652-3567 or email us at


Past Volunteer Activities

Fence Repair - Harriman Ranch

In the early days of the Foundation, grazing damage to the streambanks in Harriman State Park inspired a signature HFF project: the installation of riparian fences along the river from Last Chance to Pinehaven. Every summer, the fence goes up and every Fall it comes down. Thanks to the cooperative effort between the Foundation, Harriman State Park and the Forest Service, after 25 years, the cows and fence are still there.

 Highway 20 Roadside Cleanup

Thanks to all the volunteers who help with the Henry’s Fork Foundation's roadside cleanups twice per year. Volunteers and HFF staff clean up a section of road between Elk Creek and Mack’s Inn.

HFF conducts cleanups on Highway 20 each spring and fall. Contact the HFF office at (208) 652-3567 if you are interested in volunteering.

 Willow Planting - Henry's Lake Outlet

The Henry's Fork Foundation organized an effort to plant willows along the banks of the restored Henry's Lake Outlet channel. Many volunteers pitched in their time and energies to accomplish this effort.

 Telemetry Study Support

This study evaluated trout movement, migration, and habitat use in the lower Henry’s Fork. Little to no scientific information had been collected about the trout populations in this part of the river that has been altered by diversion dams and irrigation canals. This multi-year effort sought to understand the factors that govern trout distribution and abundance. 

 Buffalo River Fish Counts

The downstream fish trap at the Buffalo River dam was removed in the fall of 2015. The trap was deteriorating, and the Foundation is now using more up-to-date technology to track fish migrating between the Buffalo River and the Henry's Fork.

 Henry's Fork Day Event Assistance

Henry's Fork Day would not be the annual event that it is without the dedication of its tireless volunteers. The annual event is usually held the first Saturday after the fishing season opener on the famed Ranch section of the Henry's Fork. It includes a breakfast on the river, reception, silent and live auctions, and dinner, all on the banks of the Henry's Fork at the "log jam" in Last Chance, Idaho. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at (208) 652-3567 or email