Intern Blog

A Summer I'll Never Forget

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 - 11:56am


Meg Ruebush

This summer has flown by, it’s hard to believe that the internship is almost over. We’re already having our intern farewell! I've enjoyed the work and have learned so much. It’s really helped me get a better idea of what I want to study in college, which makes me really excited to start this winter. The summer has been great, I’ll always remember it!

Since the internship is almost over, the other interns and I have been preparing and giving presentations about our individual projects. I was lucky enough to be the very first intern to present and despite having to really crunch to finish my presentation in time, I am very glad I had the opportunity to share what I have learned. In July, I helped Jack with his snorkeling project, we were specifically looking at overall available habitat verses what habitat the fish use. It was really neat to go out and help collect the data, however I wasn’t expecting to enjoy analyzing it so much; Rob helped me with that. We analyzed the water depth, macrophyte cover and velocity data. I found it thrilling to input code into R and watch it generate different plots and graphs!

What I learned was that the fish in the upper river choose habitat with deep water and low macrophyte cover. The water velocity didn’t seem to affect their choice other than a slight preference for higher velocities lower in the water column, though this could just correspond with the depth and macrophyte cover so we would need to do some more in-depth analysis to determine if that’s actually true.  Finally, we compared our results to a study done in 2013-2014 by Zach Kuzniar. He looked at the same parameters we did, though he used radio telemetry instead of snorkeling, and his findings were the same. The fish in the upper river choose habitat with deep water and low macrophyte cover.

I have enjoyed working out in the field over the last month and I’m even getting use to the extra safety precautions we’re using; they seem pretty normal now.  The only thing that I think would have made the summer better is if London, Zach, Liv, and AJ, could have been here in person. Still it’s been great to get to know and work with them over Zoom.   

I got out to check the fence the other day and besides it being hot I found it quite enjoyable. It was nice to get out and hike around a bit, though fence definitely doesn’t compare to a real hike. I also got to take flow measurements, and water samples with Matt and Amber recently.

A few weeks ago, my dad, two of my brothers, and I went camping in Island Park. We decided to do hammocks instead of a tent and it turned out really nice. It only sprinkled on us for a few minutes in the early morning and the mosquitoes didn’t get us too bad, so overall it was a successful trip. The next morning, we stopped at the overlook to see Lower Mesa Falls and the Tetons were absolutely gorgeous in the morning light.