Invasive Species

Prevent the Spread of Invasive Species

Idaho law states that any motorized or non-motorized boat operating in Idaho is required to display an Invasive Species Fund (ISF) sticker. We sell these stickers at our main office at 801 Main Street, Ashton, Idaho.

Learn more about Idaho's Invasive Species Law.

Prevention is key to avoiding serious and costly problems threatening the health of the river. It can be nearly impossible to reverse certain infestations, such as Zebra Mussels, which is why prevention remains the primary contribution each individual can make to protect the river.

At the end of your fishing day:

  •     Rinse all mud and debris from your boots, equipment and wading gear. Dry all items thoroughly.
  •     Consider using non-felt soled boots.
  •     Rinse all mud and debris from the outside of you vessel and drain water from boats. Dry your boat and trailer thoroughly.

As you are leaving one area and before entering new waters:

  •     Inspect gear, boats and trailers and remove water, plants, animals or mud.
  •     Clean all your gear thoroughly.
  •     Dry your gear until it is completely dry (1-7 days dependent on temperature).
  •     Never transport any water, plants or fish from place to place.