Our Mission

The Henry's Fork Foundation is the only organization whose sole purpose is to conserve, protect, and restore the unique fisheries, wildlife, and aesthetic qualities of the Henry's Fork and its watershed.


Science-based Collaboration

The Henry's Fork Foundation uses science-based collaboration to inform real-time management of the Henry’s Fork and its wild trout fisheries. HFF also uses predictive computer models, modern statistical methods, and the latest high-tech hardware and software to promote favorable streamflow, good water quality, healthy fish populations, and a positive fishing experience. 

HFF focuses on the Henry’s Fork, but we take a broad-look at conservation. This river does not exist in a vacuum and is not managed in a vacuum. We have to take a much broader look at water in eastern Idaho, the entire state, and the West as a whole to successfully conserve our 126 river miles of the Henry’s Fork.


Innovating for the Future

HFF has completed or funded well over 110 research and monitoring projects, conducted numerous on-the-ground restoration projects throughout the watershed, and worked to safeguard public access to the river for fishing and recreation. However, with issues like drought and less reliable water resources year-after-year, we need innovative solutions to match the pace and scale of the challenges we face. That's why we're thinking outside the box. HFF is partnering with organizations locally and nationally to pioneer water solutions, and building partnerships with irrigators, agricultural producers, and businesses with a stake in water in eastern Idaho to find water management strategies that both meet irrigation needs and can benefit fisheries at a scale never possible before.


The work we do is only possible thanks to the support of our members.


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